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I can never seem to keep them alive… what does this baby ...

Last watered 2 days ago
Hiya, I'm not expert at palms and no success with these either! However I moved mine about 5 months ago in with my big dragon tree, and it's thriving, even had some new growth last month. I think the key is humidity but misting alone doesn't do the trick in my experience. a better method is grouping, like with calatheas I think. Mine was very brown when I first put in with the bigger plant. It's also always damp in there, but be careful not to overwater as they seem to rot quickly. Mine also does not get much sunlight, ideally a little more light but it's alive at least! Those brown leaves on yours won't turn green again, they are dead. Try gently pulling the brown off ,if it didn't come out easily cut them about an inch from the soil. Good luck!
Back off on watering. They like a lot of light. Direct light yellows their frongs. You have an unknown distance to light so scoot Marley closer to the light. And a pot with drainage. They don't like standing water. Until Marley starts recovering don't cut off the brown. I've seen others say cut it off. With my palm I wait. And the dead frongs will never get green again. Also check the soil. soil for cactus, succulent and palms is what I use. It's also okay they are a little root bound.not a lot just a little.
Thanks so much! I’ll check the pot/soil first today and then get it somewhere a little lighter - annoyingly we have quite a dark house, but maybe the windowsill near the conservatory will offer the most indirect bright light 🀞🏼
I water my parlour palms every 2 weeks.
Giving them some much loved dry soil for about 4 days in-between watering. They are very drout tolerant.
I am no expert (have had mine for a few months now) but since then it has had no issue here. So I would say, depending where you have it, light isn't the issue. I placed mine in the bathroom, 3 feet from a shaded window. The leaves are a bit darker, but that's it. Maybe they thrive in more light, but too low light should not damage the leaves like that. I water only when the soil is dry-dry and only give it distilled water like all my more leafy plants, so maybe as with spider plants or Marantas, distille/RO water is your friend. I do not mist (am too afraid of issues with rotting), but I also have kind of a humid apparently, so humidity could also be the key, like Katy said. And I also would only discard of really dried out dead leaves unless you have an infection of some sort, because they might still be able to photosynthesize and help the struggling plant.