Posted 1M ago by @SultryRambutan

Help please!

2ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Best Answer
Underwater, low humidity, and slightly too much sun. More details is needed to assess why the change.
Welcome to Greg, Pammie! ïŋžïŋž

Here in the south, those plants can be found all over the place! They would love to be outside in the shade but having access to a lot of bright, and direct light. The blooms will fall away after a period of time.

You'll need to find the right rhythm to water your plant to give it the best shot. It doesn't want to be too dry but it sure doesn't want to be too wet.

how does that soil feel? ïŋž
@sarahsalith I just watered her and moved her again.
That's great! Just make sure that your pot has good drainage and the soil isn't holding on to too much water. ïŋž

You'll find the perfect rhythm with your plant! 😁ïŋž