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AirPlant Question
So, this app will identify my airplants but their suggestions for “watering” seem very generic to plants in general and not to airplants. They tell me my Medusa needs “1/8 cup” of water today but since these aren’t “planted” in soil, that doesn’t seem very helpful.
Should I just take it to mean that this would be the day they recommend doing a heavy rinse or a soak?
(They also asked what size pot it was in but, of course, it’s not in a pot so that wasn’t helpful either!)
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As for watering your air plants they should be submerged in water for about 15-20 minutes then taken out, gently shake excess water if and set them upside down to dry.
That's a really good point, maybe #gregfeedback might be able to add a feature like that, because air plants have totally different watering requirements and your right @DesperateAster they don't grow in pots 🤣
When Greg tells me to water my air plants, I toss them in the fish tank for 15 to 30 minutes.

Just like when Greg reminds me to water my Marimo, I rinse them off and swish the water.

When Greg reminds me to water my orchids, I dunk them for a while because they are mounted.

You can just use it as a reminder to soak your Tillandsia. (:
Thank you all for your help!

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