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Peat ok for succulents?
So I recently got a pearl echevaria from a local store and when I repotted it I noticed it was planted in what I think was peat. I had to remove about 1/3 of the peat so that I could prune and remove some dead growth from the bottom of the plant and then I put the whole thing into a pot of succulent soil. I have a moisture monitor that I use to check it every couple days. Even though the peat holds moisture, am I ok to leave it as is and only water after it’s fully dried out each time? I want to avoid putting the plant through any more shock by repotting it again if I can help it. Or should I repot it in 100% succulent soil?
Typically anything with fast drainage will work for succulents, But if you have succulent soil soil near I would recommend that.
@greenleafeater do you think it matters if it’s currently sitting in soil that’s approximately 50/50 succulent soil vs peat?
@PlanTechnik Yeah that's sound okay, as I said, as long as it drains quickly.

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