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Fungus gnats help!
I posted last week that my zebra plant had come down with a bad case of fungus gnats! I decided to go ahead and dump his soil and repot him. Do I still need to treat the soil/ take more preventative measures? Thanks!
10” pot
Last watered 6 days ago
It depends! I definitely had to. I bought beneficial nematodes to water in all my plants, and even got diatomaceous earth for the soil. Now I have no gnats! I was worried that all my plants were going to catch the buggers. So I just did the whole shebang.
Hi Molly, interesting. Haven’t heard of the nematodes fix. I’ve been using mosquito bits. Where would I get the nematodes?
I recently did that and made sure to wash the pot well and put some sticky traps in right away
@Kaleyeeaah interesting, that’s definitely me 😂 I’ve been stressed ever since I repotted him lol! Thanks for the advice!
@Naturalist I got them from arbico organics. When you use them they get watered into your plant’s soil and they kill all the larvae and babies that you can’t see. It’s been a couple months since I used them and still no bugs!
@AshleyK awesome thank you, I’ll definitely put some sticky traps nearby!
I recommend getting black ones!! Way less noticeable in the actual pot I can’t handle seeing bright yellow with bugs all over them lol
OH MY GOSH, is that why my string of hearts keeps fungus?! The gnats?! They’re horrible in my house

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