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Reasons for cupping/curling #chinesemoneyplant
Hi :) My Ufo Plant has some leaves that are kind of bending. I don't know if i used the right word but you'll see what i mean in the picture. My Plant has been growing a lot and fast and she seems to be happy i was just wondering why some leaves are like that? Could it be too much direct sunlight? #Pilea
3ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
So from my limited knowledge, and I welcome anyone who may know more or better than I to chime in, but I do believe these plants love very bright but indirect light (Which doesn’t look like an issue, this is a beautiful plant). New leaves also are curled but flatten out when fully matured. Does the temperature fluctuate at all where you live?
To add to what @Blananaba said, inconsistent watering or not enough light might cause the leaves to look a bit wonky. It's usually not a big deal and usually they right themselves over a few weeks.

I have mine acclimated to sit a southern window to make sure it's gettin enough bright light and I've seen so much more growth!
@Blananaba Thank you :) I was thinking it can't be bad since it's been growing a lot and just now after watering it i discovered a little baby plant on it's way to the surface😍 And I don't really get the question about the temperature (sorry english is my 2nd language) do you mean like cold winters and hot summers? Because we do have thatπŸ˜…
@sarahsalith Thank you :) I water mine regularly and it is also located on a south window so that can't be it. But i think it received less light during winter so that could be the cause. So it should go away on it's own because now spring starts and there is more sunlight coming.
@UnafraidAnacua I agree with both @Blananaba and @sarahsalith. I ended up killing mine from improper care of it. So I decided not to get another one.
@UnafraidAnacua I mean as in day to day, does the temperature regularly change from day to night or from day to day?
@Blananaba oh yes now in spring time its relatively warm in the day and gets colder during the night/morning. Autumn is the same but in Summer and Winter the temperatures are steady. But i have my plant indoors so it shouldn't really matter right?
@UnafraidAnacua Thats exactly how it is where I live as well! My best recommendation is to try and keep that area of the room or home as constant a temperature as you can! (My room easily gets hot and cold for example so I try to keep it consistent!)
@Blananaba Oh yes my room does that too (old house = bad isolation) I'll try to keep it consistent too. Thank you for your help :)
@UnafraidAnacua I hope it helps! :)
@sarahsalith piggy backing here, do they like grow lights or is that too much light for them?
@AllieTerrarium I think most grow lights should be totally fine. Unless you are using one of those high-powered lights that are for serious indoor gardeners for a specific type of crop, then regular grow lights won't hurt. (:
Possible over watering- is your soil super moist?
@CarltonUOP No the soil dries up pretty fast (usually) and I always check it before watering to make sure it's dry and not moist anymore.
My Chinese money plany doesn't do that but my Raindrop does.
From what I read the leaves bow out like an umbrella when they are trying to increase their surface area to get more light. The bend inward like a cup when they want water.

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