Posted 1M ago by @JJboi

Anybody know what this is?
Ok so I have this cutting and I dont know what it is. Another plant identification app says it’s #GoldenPothos but I know it’s not, I have pathos and whatever I have looks nothing of the such (ok maybe a little) but it’s not potshots. #PlantTherapy #PlantID #PlantAddict
Yesa pothos..but picture is not the best πŸ˜•
@PrimoTauhinu tag says something I can’t read
If the tag is correct then it is a rhaphidophora pertusa and should be a pretty neat plant according to Google
@tmbryant37 thank u, googling right now
No problem. It looks to be similar to the tetrasperma but less common. Not sure what thr visible differences will be but we'll find out when this guy grows up 😁
I know what this looks like a monstera!!!
@tmbryant37 definitely
I was going to say it looks like a Rhaphidophora I just learned about. Cool plant & find!
I'm looking for one now
Rhaphidophora pertusa
Rhaphidophora pertusa?
#plantproper sells a rhap. A different type but they sound intriguing πŸ€”

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