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So one of my plant orders arrived today and when I got to the last plant 6/6 I was like”I don’t think I ordered these” yep not my order but the box label was to me: plants and invoice Not Me. I emailed the company whom is out until mownday so we’ll see what they want me to do. I’ll need new package material since I had already trashed it all with my vacuum empty so it wasn’t reusable. Y’all know we turn into kids on Christmas opening at a hyper speed. Rubberbands, cotton, and dirt all over. 🎄 🪴 Do you guys think they’ll let me keep them?? This has never happened before. #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
yes-leaning-possibly? depends on the company, quantity/types of plants and the relationship with your seller. i’m not sure if the quantity might tip the scales towards sending them back, but i got a mistake plant a while ago and was able to keep it! if they’re lots of big guys though, honestly, i wouldn’t bet on it. fingers crossed though!
I'm hoping they do! 💚
It was a bunch of gorgeous 4” pot Hoyas which I never buy because they’re more money then I like to spend.
@Jilliebeanstalk I am hoping they will since it was their mistake. I was sent a fixus I didn’t order and they told me to keep it so they sent me the right one.
It was the company's mistake, hopefully they let you keep the plants, I love Hoyas 🥰
Happy things turned out okay 👍.

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