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what happened!!!
Yesterday I reported this plant and this plant and sat it on and the ledge in on my front porch and came out to water today and it was in full direct sun. is this from sunburn or over watering #stringofturtles
Might be sun burn. My string of turtles couldn’t take direct sun and many of the leaves turned brown.
It looks like sunburn. Delicate little fellows aren’t they? #SOP #StringOfPearls #StringOfTearDrops
the leaves are mushy. please tell me how to save it
Kris, do you have a bright spot that doesn't get direct light that you can let it sit for a month or so undisturbed?
@sarahsalith like on my porch?
@kris10nicolee yes- try that. Your porch gets bright light. Also, if you have a southern or western window, you could put the plant to the side of the window.
@sarahsalith I took off all the dead and repotted it. now what???
@sarahsalith so new dry soil... don't add any water?
Hey!! This would be perfect for a prop box if you want!!
You can put your pot of turtles in a bright, indirect light. And let them rest. All the leaves that still look good can go in a prop box! I'll show you. Just a minute.
@sarahsalith I wish I had another way to get ahold of you
So, I had a salad box and I melted holes in the top. I put damp sphagnum moss inside and I toss leaves and SOP and SOT and whatever in there.
Kris- are you reading this right now?
I'm going to type something and then I'm going to delete it. (:
yesss ok!!!
Did you get it?
your deleting to fast lol
got it
Looks like sunburn to me. Same thing happened to mine when I first got it and put it in full direct some. They do better when not in strong afternoon sun in my experience

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