Posted 1w ago by @JoeMama

Sunburnt :/
Sooo, i’m a bad plant mother because i let my favorite plant get sunburnt and it’s still alive but it’s so much less plump and i was just wondering if there’s anyway i can help it do a little better. it usually sits in low light and it gets misted and every once in a while i let it sit out in the sun for a little bit.
7” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
Most of the time leaves that are sunburnt won't be able to recover but as long as you have some good ones still alive it should be fine. ☀️👍
And you're not a bad plant mom don't worry I've killed millions!!
@plantplantplant thank you! this is my fav plant and if it dies im gonna be so sad! im just hoping it can get back to thriving!
If they are really burnt I would also chop them so it doesn't pull energy from the plant, but don't worry I'm sure she will be fine!
@plantplantplant thank you! i picked all of the sunburnt leaves off so hopefully!!
@JoeMama hey it’s Franklin…… I totes get your reference.
I’ve done this before too. Picked off the burnt bits and the rest thrived for years.
@Bifkillerwolf oh great thank you!
My 1st thought is to repot because there’s no drainage in your pot. Then I would give it a good buttchug and let it drink what it wants. Lol And then let it be, give it the usual TLC and with time it will be fine. 🙂 Have you ever tried giving your plants some energy (Chi)? 🎋🙏🏻🌀
@Jilliebeanstalk “…come out and plaaaay…” 🎵😂… 😉

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