Posted 1w ago by @ZestfullyDwarf

I have been on in awhile
Hello I was living with my father to take care of him and he pass away so I’m moving back to my home I miss my daddy but my plants was in my room under a little and now at my home I’m making my front porch to a green house do I still need light there is a roof on my porch or will they be fine until I get Plaskett around my porch so what do I need to do to keep my plants safe 
Sorry about your lost. The plants should be fine out there, it looks like it has great light.
I am not sure what the best enclosure to get would be I just want to say I’m sorry for your loss. Your dads plants look well cared for and happy 💚
Thank you they seem to be doing well on my front porch it’s only been about a week but all look good

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