Posted 3M ago by @Lizzie28

Do u have any suggestions on how to make this small beautiful monstera into a luscious and large monstera?
Guys I have just joined this group of monsters lovers so if u have ANY information for me about my lovely Wallace I would highly appreciate it!!
Thanks a lot #Monstera for at least considering my question!!
2ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
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So first off- That’s a Swiss Cheese Vine not a Monstera (but a type of Monstera) 😊 and right now it looks good but eventually you’ll want to invest in a moss pole! It’ll help it to climb vertically and makes it much happier
Sorry when I said ‘monsters’ I meant MONSTERA!!
Thank you so much @ABCD I really appreciate it!! I will look into that rn!!
And you’re welcome!
Appreciate the suggestion anyway @ABCD
Love it thanks!! That’s probs one I would purchase @ABCD
@Lizzie28 they are also known as a window leaf and a Monstera Adansonii.
I think a window leaf is different
Ahhh sorry yes I’ve realised now that I’ve clicked the wrong one!! 😬 @ABCD
You can just change it!
Changed to a Swiss Cheese Vine! Thanks a lot @ABCD!!
Like previously mentioned, a moss pole or a stake is a good idea! If your swiss cheese is growing upwards it’ll produce bigger leaves. And i would probs move it from the north facing window to a spot with a bit more indirect light

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