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What does kalachoe symbolize?
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What do you mean Liliane?

Welcome to Greg btw!
Flowering KalanchoΓ« blooms for at least eight weeks. That endurance gives the plant its symbolic meaning of persistence and eternal love. From
Also found: "Kalanchoe is popular among Chinese especially during Chinese New Year because it is said that it brings wealth and prosperity"
Last one and it doesn't mention kalanchoe, but considering your question I thought you might be interested:

I sometimes use crystals and plants together. This is a relatively new thing to see posts about, but each crystal has many meanings and uses so a plant that paid with it may share them. Or, you could use a complimentary stone with a plant. For a plant that's in trouble, moss agate or citrine might be nice company. And you can hardly ever go wrong with clear quartz to boost inherent energy - or other quartz like rose to also bring out the love or smoky quartz for grounding.
Do you mean 'why does it say Kalanchoe?'

That is the name genus or scientific name of the plant. It looks like Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana, where Blossfeldiana is the species of that specific plant.

Hope that helps.
Thank you Meredith, I know all about my plant now and I love what I am reading. Thank you
Thank you Jason and Drew
@ParagonofKaraka - I looked up Karaka and found a gorgeous tree, but given your question, I figure there's something deeper there. May I know the meaning of Paragon of Karaka?

I'm glad I could help with the kalanchoe. Names have meaning!

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