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I watered my Chinese Money Plant last night and now this app is telling me to water it again in 4 days. Is this correct?
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As @Shaubplantshack said- Greg will make a suggestion to water but it's up to you to check the soil.

If it's dry, water and hit "water". If it's wet or the soil still isn't dry, then hit "snooze".

When you hit "snooze", Greg will prompt you to water it again in three days and if it's dry, water it. If it's still moist, hit "snooze" again.

After about two weeks of doing this and logging what you do and don't do, then the app will "learn" the best times to notify you to water your plant.

But the water notification is a suggestion not a command. (: There are a few of my plants that I water once a month.
A money plant really prefers for the soil to dry out between waterings and should be watered regularly. I say check the soil 1st and anooze the next watering if need be.
@plantgirl09 @sarahsalith is always one of my go to people and has all the right answers. Thank you for helping her Sarah.
I agree with @sarahsalith. She knows.
they like to be moist!
This is a Money TREE. Different than a Chinese Money Plant. Check to be sure Greg has the right plant.

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