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My rose calathea isn’t doing so good.
The leaves are crumpled and dry. You can barely see the pattern on the leaves. I put it on Greg about a week after I got it because it wasn’t doing well. Honestly I’m surprised it’s still alive!
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Here’s what I found on the gardeners report: “To revive a dying calathea, ensure the soil is moist yet well draining, locate the plant in bright, indirect light and keep temperatures in the range of 65 to 75 degrees F (18°C- 23°C). Avoid air currents from air conditioning or draughts which can dry out the leaves and mist the leaves regularly.” Good luck! 🍀
Did you change out the soil after you got it? Plants are usually sold in soil that isn’t great for them.
Mine was very dramatic as well. You need to find the perfect spot for them. Then leave them there! LOL. Mine sits about 10’ from windows, that have shutters. I can’t move it, it will hate me. Good luck! And follow Greg’s advice!
Thank you, but sadly I don’t have a lot of space to work with. I have a small bathroom filled with plants and a porch filled with plant. And I don’t think my family would like it if I just took over the house with my plant obsession!
@LiquidRose84 no I didn’t, I should do that from now on.

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