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Droopy baby rubber plant :(

My baby rubber plant has been happy and upright for the two years I’ve had her, but both stems decided to go horizontal a couple of weeks ago. I repotted her last week and didn’t notice any signs of root rot. A leaf fell off today as well. Leaves are pretty firm, not squishy. I can’t tell if she’s over- or under-watered. Any insight would be much appreciated! #Peperomia #BabyRubberPlant
8ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 hours ago
Sometimes, they will buckle under the weight of the leaves. This is actually quite normal. You can prop it up with some stakes if you'd like, but it might continue to flop.

You can always cut the stems and propagate the tops back into the soil for a busier plant.

However, if you haven't repotted it in the last two years, it might be time for a repot. The rule of thumb is repot when the plant doubles and size or every two years. This will replenish the nutrients in the soil.

i'm glad you found Greg, Dani!
So cute
If you can prop the stalks up with a straw or stick and a clip for support, that will help; if they droop too long, they can strangle the whole stalk and it will shrivel where it’s drooping. These guys can be dramatic when you repot them, especially if it’s even slightly different than what they want.

They’re sensitive to overwatering because they’re succulent like, they need bright light (but not direct), they like humidity, and they prefer loosely packed well draining soil. I’d add more perlite (almost half and half, yours might be too heavy), PLUS… make sure the soil is not packed too tightly around the plant to allow aeration - they hate to be tight in their pots.

Make sure it has enough light, put it in well draining soil potted loosely, water it sparingly (once a week might be too often depending on your setup, mine is every 10 days or so), and if the leaves crack at the edges add a pebble plate nearby for humidity, it’ll perk up. When they’re happy, you know it, they’re very dramatic when they’re unhappy.

PS - when another peperomia started dying, I clipped a stem with nodes and leaves and propagated it, just in case. If it looks like it’s turned and you can’t save it (it can happen pretty fast), clip the best parts and propagate them; that’s just a back up for worst case scenario.

Like @sarahsalith said, I think it may need a bigger pot and propagation. If you clip the most saggy stalk and propagate it, you can add it back, and fill out your plant; this will help eliminate any overly heavy leaves too.
@sarahsalith thank you! This is reassuring!
@EZLennyLance thanks! I’ll prop it up and propagate!
Could someone please explain what propagate means? I was a plant mom almost 60 years ago and have just adopted 10 lovely baby plants, which I talk to and play Classical music for...
@CutePolypremum it means to take a cutting or a piece of a plant and getting it to root either in water or a planting medium (like soil, perlite, or moss), thereby creating another rooted plant. Almost all plants you buy are made from a propagation.
Thanks so much Catharina!
Thx community for your help!