Posted 2w ago by @Nicolethebole

My leaves are getting yellow. I water according to directions and make sure it drains well. Not sure if I should put it directly in front of the window?
Can you post a picture?
Thank you!!
I am no expert, so don’t take my word for it, but you could be overwatering it. Just an idea.
How much light is it getting?
@HKMisawesome thank you! I was thinking that though I don’t water it too often. I’m reading these are very sensitive
@RJG it was about 10 feet away from the window so not direct sunlight but I just moved it in front of the window. Does it need a lot of light?
@Nicolethebole yah! Mine sits outside on my patio! Introduce it to the light slowly....maybe like move it halfway to the windows then in a week a little closer. That way it doesn't get blasted. If that makes sense?
Fiddle Leafs LOVE light. Think of the brightest spot in your house, that's where it needs to be. πŸ’š But do it slowly, like @RJG the #FLFKing said.
@Nicolethebole they need lots of light! 10 feet is probably too far I have mine about 2 feet from the windows and it’s thriving
Thank you all for the advice! Hopefully will revive this baby β™₯️🀩

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