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How to get my polka dot begonia to bloom?

This beauty was my birthday gift from my nana. She has been trying to get it to bloom for quite some time with no success but I would really love to be able to bloom. So what tips, tricks or suggestions do all you wonderful plant lovers and experts have? #PolkaDotBegonia
2ft to light, direct
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
Your #polkadotbegonia needs warmth, humidity and indirect light to encourage flowering. Ideal for it to be within a few feet of an east or west facing window. You should consider moving it closer to indirect light.
@LadyKSunshine so I only have the one really good spot to put this pot. It gets direct light that I use a sunshade to filter. So in the morning I open when the sun is on the opposite side of the house and as it gets brighter I lower it however I am not sure if I am giving it too much light or not enough, if I were to open the sheer curtains to filter should I leave the window open all day or still limit how much sun she gets? I feel like every time I mess with anything with light the leaves get really sad, either wilty and falls off or I get burnt sun spots.
@JellyBellyMunch I would not expose it to direct sunlight. My baby polka dot begonia is actually by a grow light and really loving it (along with a light mist almost daily). I wonder if getting a grow light that has a setting specifically for flowering would help. Many also have adjustable settings so you can start on a lower light to avoid burning the leaves.
@HeyNicePlants I am on a very tight budget. What type off grow light would you recommend? It’s a larger plant which is why I’ve been struggling with a good place to put it. I’ve seen grow lights some that were in a price range I could afford but they looked almost like a gimmick. I’ve never bought one so I don’t know what I’m looking for in picking on out.
@JellyBellyMunch I’ve purchased most of mine off of Amazon. For something like this I would suggest one with a stake that you can put right into your pot, one with clips to hang on the side of it, or one that stands on the ground. Many are around the $20 range and come with timers and multiple settings. Make sure you read the reviews to determine which one would work best for you.
@HeyNicePlants thank you! I will definitely try this. I feel like it would be easier than trying to guess with my windows!!
@JellyBellyMunch I forgot to mention there are also grow light bulbs you can put in an existing lamp of yours. I didn’t have any spare lamps laying around otherwise I’d try it. And I’ve seen the bulbs at Home Depot for less than $10. Although, I’m not sure if they have multiple settings.
@JellyBellyMunch my pleasure. Hope it works well for you!
Im trying to do the same thing! Mine is currently under one of those red/purpley grow lights that supposedly β€˜promote flowering’ but I have yet to see anything. πŸ€”
Yours looks gorgeous
@JellyBellyMunch adding phosphorus & calcium (bone meal) worm castings mix added to soil. Also pruning the plant will help to encourage blooms.