Posted 1M ago by @LegendaryChaya

Some of the tips of my leaves are browning and mushrooms are growing in my soil!
Mushrooms are a sign that your soil is healthy and they can't harm your plant. As far as the brown you make sure it dries out before you water it again?
@LatiTish84 This was my thought, too! Mushies are great fungal associates, but they need wet soil to thrive! I bet you’re just overwatering a touch.
Thank you!
Healthy soil but a bit damp.
Mushrooms are Actually a good sign! If you would like to remove them you can, I generally just take a pair of tongs and gently lift them in a little bit of the surrounding soil out because their spores do spread like wildfire. Do you have the combo of Browning tips and mushrooms I would agree that it might be slightly overwatered. I generally do not water until I can push my finger into the first knuckle and it still feels dry.
@LegendaryChaya I agree with @Marthamaywho92 πŸ’―. Mushrooms is not a bad sign at all.

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