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My Jade seems to droop. I have her held up with a bit of thread but she is growing so tall. I have had her for 3 years now but I am far from a pro. Do I just let her keep growing and droop?
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 7 months ago
Have you been watering it less during the winter? Allowing the top inch to dry?
It probably needs more light. Your plant info says it’s by a North window which is not enough light. It’s also getting leggy (large gaps between the leaves) which is a sign it needs more light. Lack of light also causes a weak stem. Once you give it more light it’ll strengthen the stem and you won’t need to support it. I would place it next to more light and cut it back a bit to promote branching so it looks more “full”
@AMG so I checked and it’s facing East. More light still? And how would I go about cutting it back? Thank you for helping I appreciate it.
@dylan1stokes yes I water her once a week. But the soil seems a bit more dense lately if that makes sense
Ideally I would place it by a west or south window. Here’s a link that explains how to prune a jade plant. It shows some pics so I think it’ll be more helpful. It’s completely up to you though if you’d like to cut it back and how much to cut. I do find that as jades get taller it’s easier to support itself if there’s branching versus just one long stem. here’s a video, since I know if it’s you’re first time trimming plants it can be a bit nerve wracking
I think watering once a week is a bit much especially if it’s not getting much light. Mine is in a 4”terracotta pot, next to a west facing window, and I water it every 15-20 days
@AMG thank you so much! I’m going to switch’s it’s location and try my hand at cutting it back wish me luck😊
You’ll do great! 😊
@hannahbanana6 just like @AMG said I would cut back on the watering and getting more light was good advice. Good luck :))
South window would be better
@Jilliebeanstalk I have no south facing windows 😔
@hannahbanana6 then any window with the MOST light possible or a grow light. I found a bulb at true value that you can just put into any lamp. Hope this helps.
@Jilliebeanstalk I will look into the grow light 😊
it looks like it needs more light