Posted 1M ago by @PragmaticRedash

My peace lily is dropping but the soil is wet, I’m afraid...

10” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
You're going to need to look ate the roots for any rot, making sure to remove any bad parts and spray the remaining roots with hydrogen poroxide to disinfect. While they like moist soil you want to make sure you let them dry between watering, just water once they droop a bit and make sure you don't use too big of a pot because it harder to control moisture levels. If the soil is just remaining wet too long made sure to include additive such as pumice for better drainage.
@Goldenquetzal thank you so much, I did take a look at the roots and there was some rotting ones so cut those and sprayed the roots with fungicide. Now I’m trying to repot, I’m using regular soil with perlite and hoping that’s okay.