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Why is my False Rose of Jericho turning yellow?

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I've taken her out of water for now.
0ft to light, direct
7” pot without drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
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I love this unique plant. My mom had one. πŸ™‚Why is the leaves turning yellow?πŸ€” It turns brown and curl up during the natural state of dormancy? Try adding fresh water to its bowl or misting it.
πŸ’§Are you giving it weekly water breaks and/or monthly water breaks?
(1) A full day once per week.
(2) Once per month allow your plant to dry out completely. During this time, it will shrivel, turn brown, and look dead…or play dead. πŸ™‚
πŸ’¦ Are you using distilled or rainwater, filtered or tap water that have been in an open container for 24 hours. (This will allow the chemicals in tap water to evaporate and sodium to settle at the bottom of the container.) Change the water every other day.
β˜€οΈIf it’s located 10 ft from the light of a northern facing window, probably not receiving enough light to flourish. It thrives in bright indirect light. This means: close to either a filtered or a non-filtered east facing window or 3 ft away from a filtered south or west facing window.
β™₯️ I hope this unique, beauty, ancient plant will live long and prosper. I’m getting one very soon.
@Ada3 Thanks for the tips! Can I use purified water?
@LittleSongbird Thanks for B.A.
Yes, you can use purified water. Make sure it’s 100% Purified bottled water and make sure no additives were added to enhance the flavor of the water. I hope your oasis will live long and prosper.
@Ada3 thanks that helped me to. Can I ask what should I do if mine don’t lay flat
Beautiful 🀩
▫️Maybe it’s half awake, (Just like a Monday morningπŸ™‚) because its a little dehydrated.
Since pebbles are optional, you can place this plant in a shallow dish of water (only). It will rehydrate faster and get the water it needs.
▫️Something they don’t bloom all the way if the water is too cold. Use lukewarm water or room temperature water.
▫️It may not be getting enough light … bright indirect light. [Locate it close to an east facing window or 3 feet away from south or west facing window]
▫️I love this beautiful unique plant. I hope everyones Rose of Jericho will live long and prosper.
@Ada3 thanks I’m going to try your suggestion the next time I put her in water