Posted 3w ago by @RichlyBigmuhly

The leaves look dry and tearing. Tips are drying and brea...

4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
@RichlyBigmuhly Dolly from the info on your card this plant is in direct light. I think it is getting too much light and scorching your leaves. Maybe trying this will help some on new growth. Not sure once the leaves are breaking that can be repaired. Wishing you the best on your plant care journey! Welcome to Greg!! We rooting for you and here to help out. Keep us posted!
maybe move it back a little bit from direct sunlight. sometime too much sun can scorch the leaves
Snake plants survive even in low lightht conditions. I would suggest moving it to a less direct light source
Oh Evelyn, what kind of soil do you have her in? She looks dry. I keep mine a little damp