Posted 2w ago by @MaestroTwister

Root rot
I was given this monstera and immediately noticed root rot. I thought I cleaned it up and got rid of all the rotten roots. Three weeks later (today) I noticed more root rot. Help. Do I remove this entire stalk? It has new roots growing from it. (First picture). Second picture can this stalk that separated can it be saved?
Got it separated from the main plant.
Is it squishy?
@AllieTerrarium it is squishy. Can I cut above where it’s squishy and it stay alive?
@MaestroTwister if it were me - I would cut above it. If possible keep that root. And if there’s anything below the squish, you might be able to get new growth if those roots are still viable. Pop the pieces in some fresh water. Sadly RIP to the squish.

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