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Hello! My bottom leaves are browning…I haven’t overwatere...

4” pot with drainage
Last watered 7 months ago
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@SupremeDisphyma Hello there! 🌱 It's great that you're taking good care of your Tiger Tooth Aloe! Browning bottom leaves can sometimes indicate root issues or nutrient imbalances. Make sure your pot has proper drainage and consider checking the roots. To check your Tiger Tooth Aloe's roots, gently remove it from the pot and examine the root system. Look for any signs of rot or mushiness, and trim away any damaged roots with clean scissors or pruning shears. If the roots appear healthy, you can repot the plant into fresh, well-draining soil. This might help it recover from the browning leaves. Just remember to provide proper care in terms of watering, sunlight, and nutrients. Also, try adjusting your watering schedule—let the top inch of soil dry before watering again. And don't forget to occasionally feed it with a balanced fertilizer to ensure it's getting the nutrients it needs. Happy gardening! 🌿🌞
Plants age just like we do. If the top leaves are still green and thriving then it’s possible the bottom leaves have run their course and it’s time to trim it up and let the rest of the plant get the energy it needs.
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