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Peace lilies droppy leaves aren’t back to normal after Watering
Hello guys, need your input please 🙏🏻
I’ve just bought, repotted and water this peace lilies 5 days ago. Then, 2 days ago all the leaves bend downward. I assumed it’s thirsty, then i deeply watered it the day after, but the leaves doesnt stand back up after 14 hours. What should i do? Is this normal? Should i re water it? Also I did put it under direct sunlight for 3 hours, then the previously green flower turned yellow. Does the leaves turn yellow because of underwater or direct sunlight? #PeaceLily #Spathiphyllum #Water
4ft to light, indirect
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Fromb the very little I know one things for sure: no direct sunbeams. If Lilly can see the sun, she'll burn. Leaves will discolor very much like you've pictured. Update your watering schedule and go by that forc the next watering. Someone else will probably be able to give more info. Good luvk.
The peace Lilly prefers indirect light. Direct will burn the leaves and flowers. Over water wilts and causes yellow leaves as well. The Lilly also does not need much fertilizer which will green the blooms and affect the leaves. Some hard waters can also affect the Lilly like this which is why some use filtered or bottled water instead. Give it another day or two with indirect light would be my suggestion before drowning it as I think your current problem was direct light and overwater. They do not like tons of water and roots rot easily without drainage in the pot. Hope some of that helps
I’m not sure that pot is a good fit for your peace lily. Before it gets any bigger try repotting it into something with a wider hole on top. If it’s been in that pot a while the soil might have run it’s course too. The droopiness is like the others said, sun burn and sun stroke. That’s how I killed my first one, I didn’t know and was like oh a plant it must love full sun. Yeah NO 😝 bye bye first peace lily. They also like to be watered via #buttchug and the occasional warm shower to rinse the leaves. The dust can prevent them from breathing after a while.

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