Posted 1Y ago by @elizapearl

Help! Can I save my moon cactus?

The green/stem part of my moon cactus filled with water a few days ago and broke. Now it’s drying up and browning at the bottom. I thought this would be the end of my plant but there’s still a stem-like part on that inside that’s been exposed that seems healthy and is still connected to the roots and the red bulb part at the top. Does anyone know if my plant can survive this? What should I do for it? #help #whatdoido #MoonCactus #sadplant
2” pot
Last watered 1 year ago
unfortunately it may be done. don't feel bad tho. these two cacti have very different water needs so they aren't stable to graft together.
the stalk requires very little water and the top requires a lot of water so they're normally short lived.
@RJG thank you, I was worried this might be the case but I was hoping otherwise :(
Yah I think they're very pretty and wish they lived longer but unfortunately no πŸ™ƒ
I have two of these cacti. So far so good. I neglect them intentionally. Haha. I have the same red pot. Is your cactus in a drain pot inside the decorative pot? If not I wouldn’t water it more than once a month. IMO only.
@elizapearl I took have a moon cactus. I hope she continues to live. I may repot her so she can stand up a bit more properly. Right now mine is a leaner πŸ˜‚
These little guys don’t live longer than a couple of years and they die quickly. Mine died within a couple of days after being very healthy for years. I’m sorry your moon boi is gone :c
Mine died too ☹️
Try Water Propagating the part that still seems healthy, it's worth a chance right?