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Hey guys, newbie plant mom here…
So I inherited this tiger tooth aloe plant from my sister, but I’ve never taken the best care of it 🫣. About two months ago I moved it to a south facing window to get more sun and because it was more convenient for me there. However, I’ve been out of town a lot these past two months, and returning from a week long trip, I’ve found it almost entirely a weird reddish purple color. What does this mean? What can I do to help it?
0ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Hi @PlantAuntie ! It sounds like the color is from sun stress. It sounds bad, but it really isn’t. Some people do this to their succulents on purpose to bring out different colors in the plant. It probably happened because it wasn’t acclimated to that level of sun slowly over time. I *think* that it can return to it’s original color if you move it back to wherever it was before if you don’t like it.
Here’s an interesting article with lots of pics of aloe, both sunburned and sunstressed, which are different.

Hope this helps! 🪴🌵😊
thank you so much @SunnyPlants! That really makes me feel better. Thanks for helping me understand what my aloe is trying to tell me!
@PlantAuntie Happy to help! 😊