Posted 3w ago by @AppealingChaya

I recently moved my spider plant hanging from the ceiling but I now noticed that a few leaves are turning brown towards the end.
4” pot
Last watered 3 days ago
Those ends might be getting too much sun. Or she got over watered.

Check the soil, if it’s super wet yet, there is too much water.
Thanks 😊
also could be from chlorine
I trim the brow tips off mine and it still thrives
Mine got brown tips due to the extremely dry air. Your spider is very beautiful by the way!
Spider plants are sensitive to fluoride in tap water, and over time they will gradually develop brown spots like this due to the fluoride building up. Letting the water sit out before using it won’t get rid of fluoride if you have it in your water supply. I’d check the website for your city’s water utility and find out. If yes, you can switch to distilled, spring, reverse osmosis, or rainwater. Unfortunately typical at-home filters like Brita and similar don’t remove fluoride. Or you can just keep using tap—it won’t kill the plant but it will keep getting these brown spots. (It could be something other than fluoride toxicity, I’m just offering this as a possibility.)

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