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I’d appreciate help with identifying these succulents. Also, any advice on how to replant or restyle them, could they all go into a pot together?
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1 Gasteria bicolor

2 Haworthia

3 fairy washboard

4 window Haworthia/ star cactus
1 maybe a peperomia?

2 maybe a Kalanchoe tomentosa

3 some kind of echeveria
It was sorta hard to see the the plants in the orange picture. I was more confident with the second picture. (:
Thank you so much for taking the time to help!
@sarahsalith marble for size there was a echveria with them I still can’t figure out these. One is soft like lambs ear both need pruned.
@JThen I just saw your new pictures. Can you take a picture of the plants in regular light so I can see them a bit better?
MAYBE Peperomia axillaris.
MAYBE chocolate soldier kalanchoe
That is much better I’m sorry I didn’t think of that duh

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