Posted 1M ago by @GrowingPegaropa

Is this a sign of root rot?

My jade plant stems are turning brown and the leaves are starting to fall off more than usual.
0ft to light, indirect
Last watered 2 weeks ago
I believe Jade stems will thicken and turn hard like a tree branch as they age. But if it’s dropping leaves check the roots or lighting requirements.

It doesn’t look like rot me. Here’s mine.

I also see a lot of babies popping up where the older leaves have fallen on yours which is a good sign.
It receives indirect light? This plant LOVES the sun. 🌞 it may need to be introduced to direct sunlight gradually.

If leaves are mushy and translucent could be overwatering that can lead to root rot. Not enough light exposure causes the soil not to dry out as quickly.

If you smell the roots, and it stinks,😷 you’re probably dealing with root rot.