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This may sound stupid but this is my first year with house planets. So my question is I googled when I should start being my flowers indoors, and I keep getting different temperatures. It’s not real cold out just yet but it’s starting to get a little chilly at night. So when should I start bring my flowers indoors. Also do I need to ease them in to it a little each day or when it gets that time can I just bring them and and leave them in.
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I usually start getting nervous under 50⁰. Depending upon the plant I might bring it in at night, or if it'll be ok with a touch of frost I'll let it be.

Adjustment to being indoors with the warmth isn't as much of an adjustment as bringing them out in the spring. The biggest adjustment is usually that there is less light in your house, so keep that in mind as you place them inside.
When the weather gets in the 40s I would start worrying about bringing them in
Yeah biggest issue is using giving them enough light inside. I had to dedicate a closet to growing some in winter inside and now it’s a permanent grow closet. I setup various grow lights and two fans with a timer. The fans stay on all the time but the lights are on a timer. That way I can make sure they still get proper light. Otherwise they definitely wouldn’t get enough light inside here.

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