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Colocasia Help Please!

I brought this girl home, researched how to make her happy, and she’s being a total diva💅🏻 Which given how gorgeous she is, I should have known she would be 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

She’s usually by a warm mist humidifier (but not too close) along with multiple plants on my kitchen table, has a dimmable grow light for most of the day due to our covered deck blocking most of the southern facing sun, and I’ve actually only had to water her once (days ago, bottom watered) since I got her because she was SOAKED when I picked her up. She’s already lost two smaller leaves, and is now working on dropping a third one🥺 I put her outside yesterday morning and again this morning for some early morning indirect sun on my front porch (I moved her to better light for these pictures) and natural Southern humidity to see if it makes her happy, but alas, she’s still pissed off.

What can I do to make her happy? @PlantJedi @PoisedAlbo @SensationalKoa I know y’all have happy Colocasia. @JenniB81 Help me make Mojo happy, please 😩🫶🏻🌿
3ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
it really could just be you are seeing the effect of the overwatering. I would check the soil and her roots. if it’s still wet, I would change it out.
@AmusingRedhill oh she’s beautiful. I mist mine daily and put her in front of a bright window. I water throughly they like being moist but not soggy although they can live in water. I’ve never put mine outside however. I hope this helps. I’m getting a Hilo beauty Friday I can’t wait
@AmusingRedhill mine just put out a new leaf but lost a big one in the process and her runners are putting out leaves and roots too
@PoisedAlbo yours is so pretty!! Hopefully mine is just still adjusting. I will need to see that hilo beauty because I have been looking HARD at the one listed at PlantProper😂😂
@RiomeQueen I will definitely check the roots! I was trying to let her acclimate before stressing, but with dropping the leaves, I may need to go ahead and figure out if she’s got some rot. Thank you!!
@AmusingRedhill honestly except for the fact that your plant is losing leaves, it is really gorgeous!!! 🤩
@OutgoingBanana thank you so much!! I saw her and bought her before I even knew what she was 😂🤣 now I’m just trying to keep her happy😅
@AmusingRedhill I don’t own a Colocasia just yet, no space for those beauties, lol. You’re in good hands with @PlantJedi, @JenniB81, @PoisedAlbo though.
Yeah, they need to be watered regularly… especially if they’re at their max capacity. They need as much sun as you can provide indoors. Mojito Colos aren’t used to captivity like Alos… if put outdoors shaded sunlight with anytime near afternoon… give her some neem oil with peppermint oil to perk her up.

Mighty Mint neem oil & Peppermint...

Here’s a product that can work if you’d prefer not to mix anything yourself.
@AmusingRedhill well that’s where I got mine. It took me two weeks to decide and then they had the Memorial Day sale. Yep sold lol 😂
@AmusingRedhill also I know it’s against the rules. But every time I get a new plant, I repot it. I put different type of soul in it usually chunky and I spray it down for insects. 
@PlantJedi okay on Amazon now lol 😂
@PoisedAlbo I think I’m going to start repotting immediately… I got a spider mite in a new plant and it is spreading. These sellers don’t care enough for my taste.
@PoisedAlbo I live on Amazon supplies hahahahaha. Where did you get your Colocasia? Same for you @AmusingRedhill
@PlantJedi I agree that’s why I repot day one
@PlantJedi I got mine at my local greenhouse
Oh no Tara!! 😭 What a wee sod she is! Lmao 🤣 (ok, "sod" isn't the weird I started typing... But senior reminded me on Sunday that there are a lot of young folk on here so I'm REALLY trying to moderate my language a bit! Hahaha 🤣) she's so beautiful that must be just awful! (But yeah, it does seem that Diva nonesense is directly related to how beautiful they are doesn't it?! Haha except for Monstys .. they're unflappable most of the time! 🥰). It could well just be that you're dealing with the consequences of the store overwatering her I'm afraid ... Which is good news in a way coz I doubt it's anything you're doing that's making her act up!! Lol 🤣 I would sod the acclimation process and just get her out of that soil... It's one thing you can tick off the list right away and then you'll know quicker what the finicky little darling really wants from you! 🙏🤣🤣 Xxx