Posted 1Y ago by @KindMira

A few leaves fell off my money tree. It’s definitely not overwatered. What am I doing wrong? Is this an underwatering issue or light problem?
8” pot
Last watered 1 year ago
Try watering it a little more :]
How often should I water. I’ve seen some sites say every 11 days and some say more often like twice a week. What works best for you all
It says it receives direct light which they don't like because they can scorch, might be that. Also they like humidity. Mine is a couple feet away to the side of a south window that receives minimal direct sunlight and is near a humidifier and its bright green and putting out new leaves. They don't like a ton of water because the trunks store it so I water when 75-100% dry. Good luck ♡
You’re definitely going to need some drainage if your pot doesn’t have any. These plants like to dry out before watering. Direct light will burn the leaves as well. Have you repotted it since you bought it?
Needs bright indirect light. Water throughly when bone dry. Can stand some direct light but has to gradually get used to it.
Here’s my experience with my money tree:
I purchased my money tree late November/early December and it was declining badly. I ended up repotting it in some good quality, well draining soil, removed the rubber band of death (slowly kills plant) under the soil keeping the trunks together, unwound and removed a bad trunk, removed the tight twist ties and replaced with twine. I also placed it on a pebble tray for an added boost of humidity. It is in a South facing window and receives bright indirect light, I also mist every day to every other day to keep bugs at bay. Ever since I made these changes she is flourishing! New growth galore! Hope this helps!
@babyfiretiger13 it does have a well draining pot and soil and I haven’t repotted it. Also it does get direct light but not for long hours because it’s not in a south facing window.
Agree with @babyfiretiger13 . If everything else is fine (light, water, soil), it's probably the bands on the plant. At the advice of people on the app, once I removed the bands, it started perking up again.