Posted 1Y ago by @Shanjh

Any ideas on how to stop cats from eating the leaves? My palm looks a bit defeated now!
5” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
I’m having the same problem. So I would love any ideas also.
@Shanjh @Plantlover_1 can you both post recent pics? If they are in direct light that will cause the leaves to turn brown. They like bright to indirect sunlight.
@Shanjh if you see you cat chewing on it, I would spritz them with a water bottle. @sarahsalith had a issue with her cat knocking over a plant either yesterday or today.
@angelikam I have never heard of that stuff. I hope it works for them.
@angelikam thank you going to try this. They don’t mess with my other plants only the ones that are grass texture.
@Plantlover_1 mine does the same! Out of all the plants I have he only wants the grassy ones or big leaves
@angelikam great, will give this a go! Thank you!
@KikisOasis I’ve had other plants and have spritzed the cats but it doesn’t work, I’d have to stand there all day lol!
@AloeveYou yep, same here!