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When to move back to soil

I had a small dieffenbachia which was neglected to the point where it receded to a single stem with one root, you can see it at the bottom.

I've been propagating it in water for a couple of weeks now and it's starting to grow new roots.

At what point should I move this back into soil?

It's also been propagating in a North facing window, should I keep it here or move it to a South facing window?
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
I would probably keep it where it is and just let it do it's thing! Lol but I'd definitely give it a week or so more before potting, the first roots to develop will be quite fine and delicate and they need a bit of strength to successfully survive the move from water to soil! πŸ₯° This is one of my props (it's a Trad but same rules apply lol) which is ready to be potted... You'll see it's developed these long, darker roots (as well as the fine hair like roots) which should hold up just fine when I move her... I soak them in and then reduce watering until they perk up! Xx
I like to wait until the roots are a bit longer and thicker before putting it back into a pot. When I repot, I wet the mix until it’s moist but not saturated and then put the plant in. That way, the roots don’t have such a hard time adjusting. I wait a few days before I give it a good drink. This is just how I do it.
Hello! I’m trying to propagate as well, about how long did it take for roots to form?
@SaviorJavamoss it's probably been about a month since I moved it to water. It had 1 root already so the other roots only started to appear in the last week or so