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looking gray and flimsy and loosing leaves
Hey everyone! I recently moved from a building with amazing south facing windows that brought a ton of light, into another building that has south facing windows, but a big building blocking a lot of that sun. Since I moved, I’ve noticed my poor succulent has been struggling. It’s dropping leaves like crazy and looks flimsy and almost gray. I’m not sure what to do - everything is the same: watering schedule, etc, except for the lighting. I’ll try to attach a before and after picture. Thank you!! I’m a newer plant mom!
0ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Also I’m not sure why it leans sideways, it’s always been like that no matter what I do lol
If it's getting less light you're gonna want to water it less as well. As for the leaning, rotating it regularly should help. It was leaning toward the light as it grew (:
And if it continues dropping leaves after lowering watering frequency, definitely check for root rot!

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