Posted 2w ago by @xiao

Not so funky looking leaf?
pulled this leaf off of gabi today and im kinda concerned, she had a few like this before and i didnt know what it was, is she okay?
2” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
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Insufficient water and humidity can cause the polka dot plant's leaves to turn brown or start drooping. Also, too much sun can burn the leaves. Hard water and overfertilization are other reasons for a polka dot plant's leaves turning brown. Adjust your humidity or watering habits to see if you can revive the plant.
@KikiGoldblatt got it, thankyou so much! i water them once and in like a day their soils completely dry and the plant starts showing signs of underwatering? i leave them in water now but ill change that. thankyou!
@xiao you are very welcome.

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