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My plant seems to be dying. How can I fix it?
Welcome to Greg! I think youโ€™ll like it here! Hmmmm, might be something to do with the soil. Let me @ some ppl that might be able to help! @sarahsalith @RJG @kscape @tmbryant37 @ABCD @KikiGoldblatt @tango @AguaViviente
Iโ€™m sorry about your plantโ€™s condition. I agree with Noah. Prune away the dead leaves.
It may also be disease or pest, so spray it with a horticultural oil like Neem oil. But always test it on your plant first and use it in the morning or evening. I hope your plant will have a speedy recovery.
It has been really hot here lately so if you haven't been watering it almost daily it may be drying out.

If it's anything like my gardenia plant that's most likely what's happening.

Give it a good watering in the morning, trim away the yellow leaves, and watch it closely the next few days. Water it frequently and it should improve.
I wld remove the brown leaves. Inspect for pest. If the soil is dry and its been hot lately with long intense sunlight, you may need to increase watering, by both frequency and volume. For my outdoor plants, that are in the ground I cant water till water "runs out of pot bottom" and I found I hav not watered it thoroughly enough.

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