Posted 3M ago by @wholesunspurge

Is it dead? I’m thinking so πŸ™

I have had this plant for a couple@months. My roommate brought it home from Dollar General after Christmas. I have repotted and given plant food fertilizer. Maybe it’s not happy inside?
0ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
Maybe give it more water and fertilizer and light. Trees seem to need more water than other plants
@SugaSugaYumYum1 the last time I fertilized it I bought a single pouch of liquid plant food. Do you recommend I give it the same thing? I will probably order a bigger size of so
I would give it a tree fertilizer rather than a basic plant good. I can’t remember the brand but fertilizer tree spikes work wonders😁 and if you are going to keep it potted inside I would bottom water so it gets a chance to get a good drink
@SugaSugaYumYum1 okay I’ll have to do some research on fertilizer and bottom water
@wholesunspurge the one I use is Jobes brand
😫 my vote is it's dead. It's too dry. There's a little test you can do: take a little, sharp blade and scrape off the bark. Green is good. Brown is bad.

Those little pines need SO MUCH LIGHT and they need consistent watering when they are so small.

It was a cute find, though. (: