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what pest is this?
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Looks like a mealy bug
Yes, that is a mealy bug! From the Q-Tip in the picture you may already know this, but dabbing them with rubbing alcohol will kill them on contact! And to prevent further infestation insecticidal soap and/or neem oil should do the trick.
@lilliandxrson yes that definitely is a mealybug.

Rubbing alcohol - For small infestations you can treat mealybugs by applying rubbing alcohol directly to the individual pests with a cotton swab. You can also dilute the alcohol to 25%-50% and apply it as a spray but you need to test this on a small portion of the plant first since it is possible to burn the leaves. Alcohol only kills on direct contact and has no residual action.
β€’ Insecticidal soap - Also kills on direct contact with no residual action but less effective than alcohol.
@KikiGoldblatt Thanks for this info.
Hope you were able to get the ID you needed πŸ’œ

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