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Hello!! I'm very new to the succulent kids, and I'm wonde...

6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
I would give her some time to acclimate to your conditions for a week or 2 unless you see something wrong or something starts happening :)
I always repot after picking up a new plant from a nursery. Reason being is it gives me a chance to inspect the plant FULLY roots and all for any pests or issues that may arise later on. Also, I like to use my own soil mix for all my plants as it fits my watering schedule/style. Often times nurseries uses a soil mix that will hold on the water much longer than we would want at home. This is because the plant has to travel and be left to its own devices of long periods of time.
Leaf it alone.
SOPs are very delicate and from experience, they are better left alone for as long as possible unless there is a vital need for repotting.

Are you planning to keep it on the porch out there? I bet that it’d do really well!!

I’m glad you found Greg, Casi!
I would leave it there. The string of pearls really thrives in this type of basket because it grows long stems. It needs some time to acclimatize in a new place.
Thank you so much! After reading all the responses, I decided to keep her in her original house for a while unless I noticed something funny. She should be pretty happy with her new home. My porch has a spot for the sun from every direction until about lunchtime