Posted 4w ago by @AbySchmidti

Gaaaaaaahhhh! Ants are moving in and trying to set up a home in my cactuses!!! What are we doing to prevent this fellow Gregsters?
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have you seen any other pests? ants can be attracted to the honeydew that pests create. the pests that make honeydew are aphids and mealybugs, soft scales, felt/bark scales, psyllids, leafhoppers, planthoppers, and whiteflies. it’s not always the case! but i would definitely take a closer look and see if you see any freeloaders.
in the meantime you can get some diatomaceous earth and sprinkle that on the soil. that will kill the ants and stop them from actually going inside the dirt of your plants.
Ok awesome will do! Thank you very much

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