Posted 9M ago by @haleyshhmaley

my heart of jesus is dying

so basically i picked this plant up from walmart but it was already kinda looking dead but i accepted the challenge! i’ve had this plant for about a week now and i’ve not really noticed a difference until today it has some spots that are a darker green i think it’s supposed to be. it’s all been so pale until today i think it could be sunburnt it was left in direct sun at walmart… does anyone have any tips to help her? i did fertilize her today but she’d be so pretty at her full potential lol anything would be appreciated! thank you so much! #helpneeded
1ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 8 months ago
It looks sun-bleached, and caladiums are at their best outside in shade to part shade if you can do that. They need more light indoors. I wouldn't give any more fertilizer but just some time to recover.
@Tropicalgia thank you so much! ❀️
@FlawlessCassava beautiful! i love the color on yours! thank you so much