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So I moved my Gardenia baby outside on the front porch. I’m unsure If this area is too shaded for her 😩🫢🏽
Gardenia outdoors #NewPlantMom
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
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Gardenia needs plenty of sun. But they also need shade during hottest part of the day. So maybe in Florida it will be okay? It likes humidity so that’s a plus for you! Perhaps since it’s in a pot you can move it into sunshine in the morning?
Ah! There's your picture. The big question is how much light is it actually getting? Direct morning sun is wonderful it just needs to be protected from full Florida sun in the afternoon.
@MariansOasis yes I tried that today actually I moved her more over near our walk way since she was under the shade from the porch. Thanks so much 😊
@sarahsalith perfect ! So later I will for sure move her back to this position as I Moved her a bit more into the sun after this photo. Thank you always Sarah !
@Dimplefvce ☺️
@sarahsalith just added a lemon tree . I’m excited for this πŸ‹

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