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What’s wrong with this lady?

Hi everyone,
Since I am not well informed about plants, I couldn’t understand what’s going on with my plant? Could you enlighten me?
2ft to light, indirect
Last watered 2 months ago
Maybe its sunburn?
I dont think so cus its not getting direct sunlight, maybe 1 hour a day in sunny days
@meltemozgen but also it could be as i said i dont know much information about symptoms… if it is sunburned, what should i do?
@meltemozgen if it is sunburned, give it some water and move it further away from sulight
Could it be corking??
“”Corking tends to develop slowly at the base of cacti and is an irreversible process. It feels firm to the touch, has a woody appearance, and the spines on the affected areas can fall out.

Its purpose is to provide extra stability to the cacti as they grow. Although it might not look that attractive, it's perfectly natural for older plants and won't harm them.””
@meltemozgen “scabbing” seems more likely and it’s normal. Make sure she is getting enough sun, is away from any cold drafts and not being over watered..