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What should I do

Last watered 1 month ago
@ImmenseMoonglow HEY there!! It looks like your plant is under watered. Also looks like it's had to much direct sunlight. And NEVER cut the yellow leaves! It could cause death. Hope this helps! ❀️πŸͺ΄
Here is a link that may help with the care of your palm. They truly are like a succulent or cactus plant . Not much water and definitely filtered light.,without%20any%20feed.%20...%203%20Direct%20sunlight.%20
Thank you
I have one those, I water mine once a month and keep in indirect sunlight. When I first purchased the leaves were burned from the sunlight.
This mine.
Hey Charlotte@rootsnshoots, why do you not cut yellow leaves off?
@Stlplants Hey, I took off every dead leaf from mine a while ago and it was fine? Maybe they mean just don't take off half dead/ yellow leaves bc it could stress the plant or lead to infections.
@EmoryRhodes that makes sense. Thanks for chiming in🌴