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PPP, ain't happy! What am I doing wrong? Bought two same ...

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@CosmicEmpress what medium do you have it growing in? Iโ€™ve had mine thrive in several but the best results have been from fox farm soil, orchid bark & chunky perlite mix.
@CosmicEmpress Empress are they in pots with drainage? Pretty much all plant need that and for the most part need watering from the bottom. ๐Ÿ˜
Maybe the lighting? Move the sick plant to the healthy one for a while and see if that helps? It also could have a disease, so you may need to just dispose of it completely if it looks as bad as the left picture.
Have they been re-potted? Perhaps it needs a fresh living space. The pot seems narrow/small. It could be choking because it isn't getting adequate oxygen to the roots.
They both are in perlite, orchid mix. Both 6 in drainage nursery pots. I removed it from the spot by the right one in case it was contagious because I didn't know what was wrong.