Posted 1Y ago by @HonoredLippia

Any causes to haworthia copperi leaves shriveling?

She has new growth also so I’m stumped - never had this variety before. I have it close to a grow light - could that be affecting it? Always bottom watered. Thanks!
0ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
The rest of the plant looks perfect! I would try plucking off the bad ones and seeing how it does over the next month! I wait until they are pretty squishy to water.
maybe bottom watering them isn’t giving enough water? i read @Clara8131 say that they wait until the leaves are squishy to water them, so i was thinking that maybe she isn’t getting enough water? the other leaves could be taking all the water and leaving none for the rest of the leaves. just a thought, i could be wrong!
@quinncola10 when I bottom water I make sure the entire plant is submerged so it soaks all the way through. Works best if there is a rock top dressing. As long as you leave it to soak long enough, I find succulents love it! Allows the plant to really soak up what it needs.
But you don’t have to submerge it if you don’t want the top layer to be wet! Setting it in water is just as effective, just takes a bit longer.
These little guys do this when they are growing. I’d wait and see if that’s what’s going on. They have to make room for growth by getting rid of a few leaves. It seems to be well-hydrated so I don’t think giving it more water will help.
@quinncola10 possibly!! I’ll try top watering as well when I bottom water.