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Do I need to repot?
One of my #tinekerubbertree has decided that its roots should come out the top of the pot. 🀦🏽. I repotted it this spring and there are no roots coming out the bottom. I only have about a month of growing season left.

Do I repot it? Should I just try to convince the roots to go the other way? Could there be a different reason they are coming out the top and not the bottom? I've never had this happen before, I'm so confused πŸ˜‚
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6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
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So cute! Personally I love the look! All of mine have roots at the bottom of them stem sticking out. You can add more soil and cover it up but there’s nothing wrong with it! It’s just eager and happy πŸ˜†
@jcPlantProper phew! Thank you for preventing a spiral πŸ˜‚ I was worried they were looking for something, then would dry out, etc. etc. I have more woody-like stems on some other ficus', but never this new. I'm glad I can just leave it be!
I just had to repot my ficus moclame because it had roots coming out EVERYWHERE. I’ll find the pic, he definitely had way more than that and I ended up repotting when the lower leaves started to look unhappy.
@PlantMompy it’s perfectly normal. It reminds me of monstera aerial roots. You can leave them or keep them. It helps w moisture and stuff. They can get whatever extra they want from the air. I’ll try to remember to show you mine
@graceolivialee yes! I have some that look more like that!
@jcPlantProper bonus roots, I can live with that πŸ˜‚
I've heard it's normal as well, though haven't seen it on mine yet. Pretty cool!
Found this plant! Her roots love growing outside the soil
@jcPlantProper my fiddle was like that before it's repot!
I would topdress it if the plant is still happy

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